Local registered letter with perfin “BT” in the stamp. The letter is franked correctly with 40 øre, 10 øre was the rate for local letter from March 1st 1921 to June 30th 1946 and the rate for registering was 30 øre from March 1st 1921 to March 31th 1926. The stamp is cancelled May 16th 1925. It has not been possible see the type of stamp.

B 46 Berlinske Tidende

Berlingske Tidende
Pilestræde 34
1147 København K

“BT” has been seen used in the period from October 1910 to April 1946


19 11

Known positions

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Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

The newspaper Berlingske Tidende is founded 1749 by Ernst Henrich Berling