This page is a searchable archive with documentations for the users of Danish Perfins.

I have collected stamps for 50 years now, but since 20 years my interest lies with Danish Perfins and  especially the history of the companies that used the perfins. I’m a board member of the Danish association for perfin collectors (DPS Dansk perfin samlerklub). All perfin numbers in this web-page are referring to the official catalogue from DPS 2012, with all data updated until today.

Thanks to a lot of good friends with interest in Perfin’s and postal history especially to Jørgen Brandt who’s no longer among us.

Also thanks to the star of my life, Doris, for her help with the translation into English and for her understanding of all the hours in front of my computer.

No one is allowed to publish any information from this page without permission from Morten Mikkelsen.

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