Proves/Documentations for the users of Danish perfins.

First of all, I would like to show my newly acquired perforator.
It is produced by Joseph Sloper Co Ltd., the father of the invention of perfins. The story of Sloper will come later on this page. The perforator can perforate up to 7 characters at a time. I have 26 matrices for it, some of which are duplicates, some are different sizes, some even turning upside down. To my luck, the character M I have in duplicate, so I am able to perforate my own initials MM, a dream come true. However, I have not decided to perforate my stamps yet. As it can be seen on the pictures the perforator has number  67529 / 41A.
I do not have information about the user of this Sloper perforator, I only know that it was found in South Africa 30 to 40 years ago.
Any information that may shed light on its origin is very welcome.

On this page you find my collection of Danish postal shipments, all with Perforated Stamps. The meaning is to prove which company was the user of the specific Perfin. All numbers refer to the Catalogue of Danish Perfins 2012 + updates. It is also my intention to display different types of postal shipment, cancellations stamps, rates, company history etc. You can search in the database by free text or by predefined filters in the menu on the left side.

You are very welcome to contact me with comments to my webpage or to the single posts. I’m always looking for new items to my collection, so if you are interested in selling or swapping items or collections which you think could have my interest, kindly send me an e-mail.