Local letter with perfin “A.A.” in the stamp. The letter is not franked correctly, it’s franked with 30 øre but has been upgraded with an extra fee of 2 x 10 øre.

The rate for local letter from May 1st 1955 to February 14th 1962 was 40 øre for letters in 2nd weight 50-250 g, so the missing 10 øre is multiplied by 2 and franked with the 2 x 10 øre Porto Stamps, which should be paid by the receiver. The receiver  has denied to pay and to receive the letter, hence it has been returned to sender.

The stamp is cancelled 6th May 1957 with Brotype Åbenrå IId sn3.

The Porto Stamp has been cancelled May 7th with Brotype Vester-Sottrup IId sn2.

A05 Aabenraa Amt

Aabenraa-Sønderborg Amt
6200 Aabenraa

“A.A.” has been seen used for the period from June 1926 to August 1983



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