International letter with perfin “C.A.” in the stamp. The letter is franked correctly with 2.10 kroner, 40 øre was the rate for international letters from  July 1st 1940 to May 31th 1950 and the rate for airmail in the period from April 2nd 1940 to December 7th 1941 was 85 øre for each 5 g = 1.70 kroner for 10 g. The stamp is cancelled December 5th 1941 with København Omk Nr.175 København Omk. 8 Bro Vd.5. Also transit stamp from from the  German censorship in Berlin on the letter.

This is one of the last letters there have been send to USA until the war ended in 1945. December 7th 1945 ended the possibility for mail to USA.

C 05 Chr. Augustinus

L. Augustinus
Gullandsgade 7
2300 København S

GPD: 951 af 02.1890

“C.A.” has been seen used in the period from September 1892 to March 1952



Known positions

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Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

Ludvig Augustinus was the sixth generation of an enterprising business family who had been running tobacco business in Copenhagen since 1750.