Local post card upfranked to Domestic printed matter with perfin “A&A” in the stamp. The printed matter is franked correctly with 3 + 1 øre = 4 øre, which was the rate for domestic printed matter from Januar 1st 1875 to December 30th 1919. The stamp is cancelled August 11th 1910 with a Whole letter cancelation machine Tp. K. 4H K.//K.//B. Bro.II


A 07 Andersen & Albeck

Andersen & Albeck
Rømersgade 11
1362 København K

GPD: Nr. Not found

“A&A” has been seen used in the period from March 1905 to May 1954


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Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

Andersen & Albeck was a wholesale company dealing with imports and exports. The company was founded on January 1st 1900 by the wholesalers Oskvar Andersen (born 1860, dead 1922) and Carl Albeck (b. 1871, d. 1948). The latter became the sole proprietor of the company at the death of Oskvar Andersen i 1922.

The company had wholesale of coffee, tea, groceries, fruits from southern countries, and it had its own factory for producing jams, juices, etc.

In 1944 the company was converted into a Limited Company with a share capital of 400.000 Danish Kroner. The then managing director, Mr. Ejner Larsen (born in 1892) was also director of the board, which also consisted of Mrs. Anna Larsen and Miss Karen.

On July 1st, 1949, the company bought the company H.J. Hansen, whole sale of groceries in the town of Rønne, which company was continued as an affiliate of A/S Andersen & Albeck.