International letter with perfin “APM” in the stamp. The letter is franked with 90 øre, which was the rate for international letter from  July 3rd 1967 to June 30th 1971.  The stamp is cancelled December 17th 1968 with TMS nr. 379.42 København OMK.

A 53 A. P. Møller

Maersk Raffinaderiet
Prags Boulevard 73
2300 København S

 GPD: Nr. 9454 af 06.1916

“APM” has been seen used in the period from September 1916 to June 1984


10 9 15

Known positions

* * * *
* *

Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

Arnold Peter Møller was the founder of two Shipping Companies A/S Dampskibsselskabet Svendborg og Dampskibsselskabet of 1912 A/S. today it’s one of the worlds biggest shipping companies known as Maersk.