International parcel with cash on delivery (COD) with perfin “BRASSICA” in the stamps. The parcel letter is not franked correctly, as it is franked with 4 x 60 øre + 25 + 10 = 275 øre.  The fee should correctly consist of a fee for shipping the parcel weight class up to 2 kilos, and a fee for the COD parcel letter. Furthermore, the amount to be paid by the recipient – the COD value – should always be marked in the currency of the country where the sender is located. This means that the 119 CHF should have been converted into Danish Kroner, probably around 600 DKK in the year 1933. The fee for this COD value was 315 øre plus the fee for international letter 30 øre, total 345 øre. Beneath the postage, some pencil markings indicate that the post office could have calculated in the following way: The fee for international parcel from 1 – 5 kg was 255 øre and added the fee for domestic letter 20 øre, in total 275 øre. This is, of course, just a guess. As the sending post office has accepted payment, the recieving post office would have to claim the missing amount from the sending post office.  The parcel is cancelled on 8th December 1933 with Aarhus *** Bro IIId

B 41 “Brassica” Gartnernes Frøhandel

8000 Aarhus

“BRASSICA” has been seen used in the period from December 1933 to October 1936


10 10 9 8 / 8 4 7 9

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