International registered letter with perfin “Br.D” in one stamp and B18 in the 2 others. The letter is franked correctly with 10 + 2 x 15 øre = 40 øre, 20 øre was the rate for international letter to the Nordic countries from July 1st 1920 to May 31th 1922and the rate for registering was 20 øre from July 1st 1920 to February 28th 1921. The stamp is cancelled September 15th 1920 with København B. Nr. 68. 23 B. Bro IIIb. The perfin Br.D is normally used om Railway stamp and is very rare om post stamps. This is also the latest known use of Br.D

B 43 Brødrene Dahl

Brødrene Dahl

København B

“BrD” has been seen used in the period from February 1908 to September 1920


26 7. 23

Known positions

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* * * *

Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

 Brødrene Dahl is founded in 1867 by Niels Peter Smith Dahl and William Sophus Dahl and still existing.