International letter with perfin “CM” in the stamp. The letter is not franked correctly with 2 x 15 = 30 øre kr, the rate for international letters in the period from January 1st 1927 to October 31th was 25 øre, so it is over franked with 5 øre. The stamp is cancelled November 20th 1930 with TMS Nr. 12.1 Aarhus * This documentation is the only known so far.

C 45 Christian Meyer

Christian Meyer

8000 Aarhus

“CM” has been seen used in the period from September 1930 to July 1933


9 17

Known positions

* * * *
* * * *

Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

Chritian Meyer was founded 1882 Aarhus and was one of the largest manufacturers of man Clothing in Aarhus up to 1976 where they close.