Parcel letter with perfin “D.G.C.” in the stamp. The letter isn’t franked correctly with 50 øre, 40 øre was the rate for parcels 1-3 kg in the period from  January 1st 1919 to September 30th 1919, so the parcel is over franked with 10 øre by the sender, which can be seen at the violet stamp “Afsender frankeret” The stamp is cancelled February 8th 1919 with Kjøbenhavn 2 10 Bro IIIb. This is the earliest known use of this perfin.

D 44 Dansk Gær Central

Dansk Gær – Central
Snaregade 12-14
1205 København K

“D.G.C.” has been seen used in the period from February 1919 to November 1954



Known positions

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Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.