International registered letter with perfin “E.M.” in the stamps. The letter is franked correctly with 2 x 25 øre = 50 øre, 25 øre was the rate for international letters in the period from  January 1st 1927 to October 31th 1933 and 25 øre was the fee for registering in the period from April 1st 1926 to June 30th 1940. The stamps are cancelled December 17th 1930 with København K. Nr. 216, København *K.29 Bro Vd-1. The letter arrived in New York december 31th 1930 and arrived the day after in Chicago, but somebody forgot to change the year at the arrival stamp from 1930 to 1931, so it seems that it arrived to Chicago January 1st 1930.

E 19 Emilius Möller

National Kasseapparater
Emilius Möller
Vimmelskaftet 38
1161København K

“E.M.” has been seen used in the period from March 1908 to January 1954



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