International registered letter with perfin “F.B.” in the stamp. The letter is franked correctly with 2 x 50 øre, 60 øre was the rate for international letter s from July 1st 1952 to May 14th 1965 and the rate for registering was 40 øre from May 1st 1951 to March 31th 1957. The stamp is cancelled February 27th 1956. The stamps are cancelled with Fakse Bro IIc ***

F 10 Bank for Faxe og omegn

Banken for faxe og omegn
Torvegade 14
4640 Faxe

“F.B.” has been seen used in the period from february 1924 to May 1968



Known positions

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Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

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