International post card with perfin “H.B.” in the stamp. The post card isn’t franked correctly with 8 + 3 øre= 11 øre, the rate for international post cards from July 4th 1875 to January 31th 1921 was 10 øre, so 1 øre over franked. The stamp is cancelled April 27th 1901 with København B Nr. 102, Kjøbenhavn N.B.K. Bro 1a-2

H 15 Heymann Bloch & Ko.

S. Bloch
Kongensvej 25
2000 Frederiksberg

“H.B.” has been seen used in the period from September 1895 to December 1918



Known positions

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Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

Heymann Bloch & Co. A / S., Soap factory. Consul L. Heymann Bloch (b. 1844, d. 1924) founded in 1868 a grocery store in Selde in Salling. In 1872 he moved to Copenhagen and began the manufacture of starch and “Health Salt”, later by soap and washing powder. In 1922 transformed into a limited company. who in 1929 transitioned to A / S Worning & Petersen, Vejle Sæbefabrik.
Address: Kongensvej 25, Kbhvn. F.