Parcel letter with perfin “KU” in the stamp. The letter is franked correctly with 20 øre, which was the rate for parcels in the range 1 – 2 1/2 kg in the period from  October 1st 1902 to June 30th 1908. The stamp is cancelled June 1908 with København C Nr. 6, Kjøbenhavn *C.* Bro Ia-1

K 50 Ministeriet for Kirke og Undervisning

Ministeriet for Kirke og Undervisning
1240 København K

GPD: 8584 af 12.1904

“KU” has been seen used in the period from February 1905 to January 1916


15 14

Known positions

* * * *
* * * *

Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

Brødrene Dahl is founded in 1867 by Niels Peter Smith Dahl and William Sophus Dahl and still existing.