International letter with perfin “L.G./C.” in the stamp. The letter is franked correctly with 20 øre, which was the rate for international letters in the period from July 1st 1875 to September 30th 1907. The stamp is cancelled August 5th 1895 with København N Nr. 12, Kjøbenhavn *N.* Bro Ia-1

L 26 L. C. Glad & Co. A/S

L. C. Glad & Co.
2200 København N

GPD: 6177 af 10.1892

“L.G./C.” has been seen used in the period from September 1893 to November 1938



Known positions

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Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

L.C. Glad & Co. are founded in 1880 and still exist. You read there history on the following link.

L. C . Glad & Co.