Domestic letter with perfin “N.L.” in the stamp. The letter is franked correctly with 10 øre, which was the rate for domestic letters from July 1st 1902 to September 30th 1919. The stamp is cancelled September 8th 1915 with København 5 Nr. 1, Kjøbenhavn * 5.* Bro Ia. (This is the latest known date of use for this cancellation stamp) The letter has arrived in Odense September the 9th which can been seen at the backside at Bro Ii Odense Omb. The receiver haven’t get the letter and it has been returned to København September 10th and received in København at the same date.

N 33 Nordisk Livsforsikrings A/S af 1897

Nordisk Livsforsikrings A/S af 1897
Store KOngensgade 128
1264 København K

GPD: 14439 af 11.1910

“N.L.” has been seen used in the period from December 1910 to January 1952



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