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International letter with perfin “PIB” in both the Danish and Swedish stamp. The letter is franked correctly with 30 øre (danish), which was the rate for international letters 20 to 125 g to Sweden in the period from January 1st 1927 to June 30th 1940. The stamp is cancelled September 22th 1936 with København K. Nr. 197, København * K. 24 Bro Vd-1. The 30 øre Swedish franking was for prepaid customs clearance has has been logged with “PIB” in Copenhagen.

P 22 Pressens Illustrations Bureau

Pressens Illustrations Bureau
Købmagergade 9
1150 København K

GPD: 11845 af 09.1915

“PIB” has been seen used in the period from October 1915 to September 1942


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