Domestic post card  with perfin “R./H/V.” in the stamp. The post card is franked correctly with 10 øre, which was the rate for domestic post cards in the period from January 1st 1927 to June 30th 1940. The stamp is cancelled August 17th 1936 with TMS Neutral København K. This letter is posted by Leif van Hauen (son of Reinhard van Hauen) to his family and has arrived to Copenhagen from Godhåb at Greenland with S/S Hans Egede at the 3rd trip 1936. 

R 25 Reinhard van Hauen

Reinhard van Hauen
Frederiksberggade 23
1459 København K

“R./H/V.” has been seen used in the period from December 1906 to June 1962



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