International express letter with perfin “V.C.” in the stamps. The letter is not franked correctly with 50 øre, 20 øre was the rate for international letters in the period from October 1st 1907 to January 31th 1921 and 25 øre was the fee for express in the period. The stamp is cancelled January 10th 1916 with København X. Nr. 3a, København 2 X Bro IIIb, which are the earliest know use of this cancellation stamp. The letter is sent doing the 1.WW and has passed the French military censor.

V 07 Vilh. Christiansen

Georg C. Møllers Eftf.
Vimmelskaftet 42
1161 København K

“V.C.” has been seen used in the period from July 1908 to September 1933



Known positions

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Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

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