Domestic post card with perfin “G.B.” in the stamp. The post card is franked correctly with 20 øre, which was the rate for domestic post card in the period from July 1st 1952 to April 14th 1963. The stamp is cancelled May 20th 1955 with TMS Nr. 154.3 Aarhus ***

G 08 Gyldendalske Boghandel

Gyldendalske boghandel, Nordisk Forlag
Aarhus afdeling
Badstuegade 9
8000 Aarhus C

“G.B.” has been seen used in the period from October 1924 until now.



Known positions

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Green indicates the Perfin position on the current item.

Gyldendalske Boghandel, Nordisk Forlag A/S, usually referred to simply as Gyldendal is a Danish publishing house.

Founded in 1770 by Søren Gyldendal, it is the oldest and largest publishing house in Denmark, offering a wide selection of books including fiction, non-fiction and dictionaries. Prior to 1925, it was also the leading publishing house in Norway, and it published all of Henrik Ibsen’s works. In 1925, a Norwegian publishing house named Gyldendal Norsk Forlag (“Gyldendal Norwegian Publishing House”) was founded, having bought rights to Norwegian authors from Gyldendal.

Gyldendal is a public company and its shares are traded on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Copenhagen: GYLD A, GYLD B).

Gyldendal stopped the print version of their encyclopedia in 2006, focusing instead on selling paid subscriptions for its online encyclopedia, Den Store Danske. By 2008 it had decided that it needed another approach to support that online site. Since February 2009 Gyldendal is publishing an online, subscription-free encyclopedia.